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  1. Vintage Late 90s Early 00s Gola x MNG Boxer Boots
  2. Vintage Late 90s Lace Up Pointed Kitten Heels
  3. Vintage 00s Dolce & Gabanna Footbal Sneakers
  4. Vintage Prada FW 1999 White Sneakers With Velcro
  5. Vintage 00s Subversive Ankle Boots With Visible Seam
  6. Vintage 00s Brown Cowboy Boots
  7. Vintage 90s Leather Pointed boots
  8. Vintage 00s Dior By John Galliano Ruched Heeled Pointed Boots
  9. Vintage Late 90s Indie Sleaze Worn Effect  Boots
  10. Vintage 90s Old Money Mary Janes With Ribbon
  11. Vintage Late 90s Oriental Mules With Beads
  12. Vintage Late 90s Square Strappy Kitten Heels
  13. Vintage 00s Dior By John Galliano Harness Pointed Heels
  14. Vintage Late 90s Pointed Shoes With Braided Straps